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You have not uploaded any images yet. Please use the upload form to the right.
To upload a photo, please read the terms and conditions to the right and click on the checkbox to verify that you agree to the specified terms. Then, click on the "Browse..." button on the bottom right. If you do not see the "Browse..." button, you may need to install the Adobe Flash player.
After clicking on "Browse...", a window will popup allowing your to select a file from your computer. If you do not see the popup, minimize your browser window(s) because it may be behind other windows in your display. In the popup, double click on your file or click on it and click "Save." Then click on the "Upload" button on the original screen. After the file had been successfully uploaded, you will automatically be forwarded to the next screen where you can crop your photo.

If you are having issues uploading photos...
  • Verify that you have Flash installed in your browser.
  • Verify that you are uploading a valid image format. Accepted file formats are JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP
  • Verify that your file is less than 8 MB
  • Verify that jpg files are saved in RGB color mode

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Click on the browse button below to find images on your computer. Once you click on the image you want to upload a link will appear in the text box below. Click on the "Upload" button and it will upload your image. Please be patient this may take a while. We accept these types of images: JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP.

For Stumps Party to utilize your photograph, piece of art, graphic or image or any other content (the "Content") you must accept the terms of the Rights Release. Please indicate your acceptance by checking the box "I accept". Your failure to check this box means that Stumps Party will not be able to use your Content. You hereby grant Stumps Party a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty–free right to copy, display, modify, transmit, make derivative works of, perform and distribute the Content solely for the purpose of providing the identified service. You represent and warrant to Stumps Party that you either own, or have secured the required permissions, in writing, to make the Content available to Stumps Party and to grant the license to Stumps Party contained in this Rights Release. You are solely responsible for any violations of any kind related to the Content, including, without limitation, claims for or allegations of copyright infringement, violations of the right of publicity, or otherwise (collectively, the "Claims"). If Stumps Party receives a Claim, you shall indemnify Stumps Party for any resulting loss or damage suffered by Stumps Party, including Stumps Party’s attorneys fees in defending against the Claim.